Cool Breeze

by Blue Suede

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A non-album exclusive. The EP, "Rappin..." will follow June 14th.


(Bruce Geetz)
and it goes like this
20 some odd years to gain my attention
took flight on beats to pose one question
what is life and how can I mention
all that is me
flow intently
scribe fine lines which highlight
pictures seen at this time
and I pause to think on that curved fine dime
walking along before I hit the stu...
but through all the distractions
I found out
never let long legs knock your mind out
do for yours or you'll do without
so I go for mine
(yea I go for mine)
break bread with the fam
hugs for the honeys and daps for my mans
hunger on my tummy
yeah I need a couple grand
pay a few bills
and put my feet in the sand (put my feet in the sand)

(Chuck Daily)
Ayo this type of beat Dr. Seuss woulda rhymed on
I'm like aladeen dictating my scene
From Lorax to Borat I'm rap snacks and all that
in other words I'm all that and a bag of sour creams
been asking sal for extra mozzarella since before a teen
lost inside the music like I'm radio Raheem
head phones zoning, listening to what I like
often captivating sounds inspired me write
coupled with how the world works, mysterious at best
being real hurts, ain't always easy to digest
it's that top ramen rhyming
stress coals to diamonds
you'll never find another like Lou Rawls
fresher than new draws
true cause pumping life in tracks
never suffer from blue balls I bust on wax
here I come baby...

(Bruce Geetz)
original flavor flows on sidewalks
uptown socialites could never float downstream
word to Dan we stay dapper
but never confuse style with substance
suckas holla respect with a cup half empty
this juice is premium

(Chuck Daily)
Here I come baby, like the sun daily
it'll be night soon though, look at the bright moon glow
let this hypnotic, melodic, body rock rock your body
till you slumber, go head sleep on suede if you wanna
crack the sky like thunder
crash twitter, Instagram, Facebook , and tumblr
the bough breaks, cradle falls, and all these babies wonder
is there life behind screen, there no picture, time to load a new routine
what will your legacy be this ours, this ours
got beats, got rhymes so we took charge
free speech, free minds and freer hearts
gas up the car, turn the key, and take it outta park
lets hit the road, less ventured
it bumpy hope we don't fall out like dentures
through the belts on
drop the heat these butter verses melt songs


released May 2, 2014
Written by C. Adams & B. Geter-Richards
Produced, Arranged & Mixed, by Bruce Geetz
Recorded at Vibe Out Studios, Lancaster, PA
Recorded by Jamil Adams
Additional Recording done by B. Geter-Richards
Artwork by Stephen Deneen
One Hundred & Up Recordings, 2014



all rights reserved


Blue Suede Lancaster, Pennsylvania

When Hip Hop culture was being birthed in NYC during the 70's & early 80's, DJ's would plug into lamp posts to play music the people could groove to - there were no stylistic boundaries - Hip Hop was about the way you approached things. From that foundation, progression is inevitable. With respect due to those before, who will be after, & those still with us, we express what we feel. ... more

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